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Target and Attract the Right Parents to Your School

Social media technology

Target the Parents You Need

Our technology will target the parents you need to your school. We are able to do this by target them based on their online behaviours and data through the social media networks, apps and websites they use every day. By using our technology, you can easily reach up to 60% more parents at your School Open Day.

Our technology will increase the number of parents attending your School Open Days.

Social Media Technology

Target Parents on Social Media


Our clever blend of technology identifies and targets relevant parents for customers through social media apps and websites they use every day. The personalised targeting used by our technology means that schools can reach relevant parents wherever they are online.

Data in Your Hands

Personalised Dashboard to Track Your Advert Performance


Each school who works with us is given a personalised dashboard, where they can track any current and previous adverts they have run using our social media technology. The dashboard enables our customers to make key admissions and business decisions based on advert data and performance.

Excellent return on investment

We Make It Easy to Track ROI


We can track how many people have filled in a school's application form, so our customers are able to see exactly how many new parents we’ve been able to provide them with using our technology. This provides schools with an excellent return on investment.

Lochinver House

The May Open Morning had a visible increase in visitors and the campaigns have culminated in a 40% increase in parents attending our September Open Morning. We also noted that we had interest from a wider geographical area than ever before. It is hugely satisfying to be able to measure the success of the campaigns via hard data, as opposed to printed advertising where we haven’t been able to. At Lochinver House we very pleased with the way that School Open Day is able to use all the different Social Media platforms and Google. Its co-ordinated and targeted in a way that generates real results for schools and best of all its all managed for us!

Anne Meir Director of Marketing and Admissions

Social media technology

Get to the Right Parents Ahead of Your Competition

The most forward-thinking and agile schools understand that they must adopt far more intelligent ways of communicating with new parents outside of their network when that parent is right at the beginning of their search experience. Our social media technology will enable you to reach relevant parents, before the competition.