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Social Media Recruitment for the Education Sector

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Evolving the way the education sector attracts candidates and parents using paid social media.

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Supporting educational institutions to reach and attract candidates and parents using social media with guaranteed results.

Our clever blend of technology identifies and targets candidates and parents for schools, colleges and universities via social media and Google. This personalised and targeted approach means that educational institutions can reach parents, leaders, teachers and support staff wherever they are online.


Which Services Are You Interested In?

Whether you're based in the UK or internationally, we have several services that will be of interest to you. Hover over the images below to see what we can offer you.

UK Recruitment

Are you a UK educational institution looking to recruit new teachers, staff and leaders? Click here to learn how we can help you.

International Recruitment

Are you an educational institution outside of the UK looking to recruit new teachers, staff and leaders? Click here to learn how we can help you.

Recruitment Strategy Consulting

Are you an educational institution looking for advice with your recruitment strategy? Click here to learn how we can help you.

UK Admissions

Are you a UK educational institution looking to attract new parents to your school? Click here to learn how we can help you.

International Admissions

Are you an educational institution outside the UK looking to attract new parents to your school? Click here to learn how we can help you.

Social Media Management

Are you an educational institution who is looking for expert social media management solution? Learn how we can manage your social media accounts for you by clicking here.

Education Sector Experts

Unique Recruitment Solutions for Your Educational Institution

Our proactive approach allows you to use the most cutting-edge ways to attract and recruit the teachers and parents you need. No more expensive advertising and waiting for applicants. We bring relevant applications straight to you so that you can start engaging with them directly.

GARETH THYER-JONES, Managing Director @Sozzal

worked with over

870 Schools

Proactive Targeting

100% Reach


We are able to proactively target the right people you need on the social media channels, apps and websites they use every day.


Save Money


We can significantly reduce your advertising costs through our affordable service packages.


Nano-Targeting Campaigns


Our targeted campaigns run across social media channels and Google based on the demographics, location, behaviour and interests of the candidates or parents you need to reach.

Our Technology

Data Driven AI Technology


We automate the entire recruitment process for you. Fully automated creation, distribution and programmatic optimisation of adverts across social media and Google.


Dynamic Reporting


We create data-driven campaigns with automated testing that continues to improve results and engagement, which means that you can see the results of your adverts in real-time.

Return on Investment

Guaranteed Results


We can predict and generate the number of leads you will receive for an advert, as well as the number of candidates visiting your website through a campaign. You are guaranteed an increase in interest in your application through our services.

Are You Spending a Lot on Recruitment, But Still Not Seeing the Results You Need?

We see this with other educational institutions all the time. Luckily, we’ve made sure that our services are fairly priced and deliver excellent guaranteed results that outperform some of the most popular job boards in the sector.

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Trusted by Educational Institutions to Deliver Results

Number of Educational Institutions Worked With
Number of Times Parents and Candidates Saw Relevant Ads
Number Of Unique Candidates and Parents Who've Seen Our Ads
Number of Clicks to Application Page

How do we compare with the leading job boards?

We’ve analysed advert data from our social media technology against the data from the leading job board in the Education sector. The results demonstrate a tremendous data-backed difference between the quality of our approach vs. the more traditional job board route.

Number of Advert Views

Leading Job Board
On average, our adverts receive up to 3 times more advert views than the leading job board used by professionals in the Education sector.

Number of Visits to Application Page

Leading Job Board
On average, our adverts receive 150 times more visits to the application page than the leading job board used by professionals in the Education sector. This is an excellent example of the measurable return on investment our social media technology provides our customers.

Number of Clicks to Apply

Leading Job Board
On average, our adverts generate 6 times more clicks to apply than the leading job board used by professionals in the Education sector.

Take It From Our Satisfied Customers...

Lochinver House

The May Open Morning had a visible increase in visitors and the campaigns have culminated in a 40% increase in parents attending our September Open Morning. We also noted that we had interest from a wider geographical area than ever before. It is hugely satisfying to be able to measure the success of the campaigns via hard data, as opposed to printed advertising where we haven’t been able to. At Lochinver House we very pleased with the way that School Open Day is able to use all the different Social Media platforms and Google. Its co-ordinated and targeted in a way that generates real results for schools and best of all its all managed for us!

Anne Meir Director of Marketing and Admissions

Dr Challoner's Grammar School

I signed up to the Talented Teacher Jobs approach as they have a very creative solution which enables us to get that visibility. A real advantage is the way that they are able to create sponsored social media campaigns that actively target the teachers we are looking for and bring them to our application process. This is a cost effective service and ensures that we are seen by teachers whenever and wherever they look, either on the internet or social media. I am happy to recommend TTJ and work they do. The whole process is easy and our jobs are posted across multiple websites and social media. This is a key strategy for recruitment in today’s schools.

David Atkinson Headmaster

Witchford Village College

Social media is an effective channel for us to connect with prospective candidates but we didn’t have the experience, understanding or time to do make all the right social media channels work effectively for us. When we were recommended to use Talented Teacher Jobs they made it simple to use and risk free. Their solution is clever and allows us to reach all the teachers in the market we want to target so that we no longer have to hope and wait for teachers to apply on job boards or use recruitment agencies. We are able to connect with the target audience and make all the right teachers in the area aware of the jobs available. It also enables us to communicate with candidates on the platforms they feel comfortable to use, so comfortable in fact that teachers were recommending others for our roles. They were then directed to our own schools website to apply avoiding competing with other schools in the area. I happily recommend Talented Teacher Jobs as an effective and easy way to use social media to recruit teachers, supporting the new DfE teaching vacancies service. It has helped us save thousands of pounds on recruitment costs.

Daniel Baxby Headteacher

Experts in Field

A Team You Want to Work With

Our team at Enovaa are all experts in the Education sector and combined with their wealth of knowledge about school recruitment, know how to best advise the schools we work with.